Learn some dirty talk you can use on designers

Whether you’ve mastered talking dirty to your significant other or you’re a total newbie at it, there’s one surefire way to make anything you say to your partner sound sexier: whisper it. But what happens when your partner is a designer? Do you stick with the tried and true “Oh my god, I’m so turned on right now,” or do you try something new like “Baby, you make my font go all cap lock.”

Making use of a wide range of industry terms, Designer Dirty Talk is a project by Florida-based designers Eric Thomas and Joshua Pittman. The duo constantly invent witty one-liners that cleverly merge sexual innuendo and design jargon — making them understandable to even non-designers.

Designer dirty talk

These raunchy phrases have plenty of suggestive double-meanings that humorously conjure an imagined reality where designers attempt to be naughty. Check out a few below or visit the website for more.

"Baby, you make my font go cap lock!"
Designer dirty talk: "Let's go mess up your style sheets..."
"Can I fill your negative space?"
Designer dirty talk: "I'm going to render you all night long"
"I want to merge the layers You and Me"
Designer dirty talk: "I want you to thicken my font with a stroke"
Designer dirty talk: "Let's delete a few layers"
"Let me unwrap your mesh and map your clothes to the floor"

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