Get invaluable advice with free tarot cards made for designers

When designers design, they sometimes become so immersed in their work that they forget to step back and make sure they’re on the right path. Often, a second pair of eyes are what’s needed to help designers stay on brief and create amazing designs; that…

Dolce & Gabbana launches their own designer pasta

If you’re into all things designer, Dolce & Gabbana are marking the holiday season with designer pasta. The Italian fashion house has teamed up with family-run pasta brand Pastificio Di Martino to release a limited edition set of festive pasta tins.

In-house designer, freelancer or agency? Who to hire

Does the uncertainty and ever-changing nature of freelancing produce designers with sharper, more adaptable skills? Or does the social, fast-paced, and ordered workflow of an agency create more design superstars? In my nearly 10 years as an Art Director, I’ve seen a few businesses pondering if they should hire…

Tiny detailed illustrations on pencil tops

Do you love to draw or sketch? If so, then you’ll want to check out this wonderful series from studio 1924‘s illustrator and designer Christian Watson. What’s amazing about this series is how small they are – and by that I mean they’re micro.

Witty comic shows how differently ideas are perceived

The process from idea to design to final product is rarely a smooth one. This is especially true when designers have to juggle between what the Creative Director explains and the customer wants.

Learn some dirty talk you can use on designers

Whether you’ve mastered dirty talk or you’re a total newbie, there’s one surefire way to make anything you say to your partner sexier: whisper it. But what happens when your partner is a designer? Do you stick with the tried and true “Oh my god, I’m so turned…

Micro Matter: Discover tiny worlds captured in glass tubes

If you’ve ever seen a ship in a bottle, you were probably captivated by the idea of capturing these tiny worlds and being able to hold them in your hands. That’s the feeling these charming vertical worlds have accomplished. The series, called Micro Matter, features towering houses,…

These are the things you do not say to a designer

Clients who communicate clearly and politely—and are willing to collaborate—get the best work from their designers. Unfortunately, not all clients are created equally. That’s why graphic designer Janie Kliever has shared a list of things you do not say to a designer.

Get a scream out of the top designer fears

Design careers have their challenges just like any other profession. And while designers experience fear on some level, the difference between success and failure is how they deal with that fear. With Halloween coming up, Creative Market asked designers to rank the worst of their terrors, depending…

Learn how to properly charge your clients

Determining how to properly charge your clients is not only one of the most important tasks for a freelancer, it’s also one of the most stressful. After all, if you charge too little, you can’t pay your bills; if you charge too much, they may look for…

10 Humorous confessions of a guilty designer

Almost everyone has done something they’re not proud of at one time or another. Even if you’re a diligent designer, you’ve probably committed at least one or two design sins that’ve made you feel guilty.

Beautiful mirror mosaic creates optical illusions

French designer Arnaud Lapierre has created a mesmerizing mirror installation at the Place Vendôme in Paris. Called The Ring Mirror, it plays with the context of this urban space through reflections, light and the interaction of passers-by.