Micro Matter: Discover tiny worlds captured in glass tubes

If you’ve ever seen a ship in a bottle, you were probably captivated by the idea of capturing these tiny worlds and being able to hold them in your hands. That’s the feeling these charming vertical worlds have accomplished. The series, called Micro Matter, features towering houses, buildings and trees inside glass tubes.

Micro Matters

Created by Dutch artist Rosa de Jong, she uses objects like twigs, cardboard and faux moss to construct her worlds inside slender glass test tubes; each world is complete with micro-sized buildings, teeny tiny trees, and other structures that can inhabitable nothing larger than an ant. All of the objects that Rosa uses to create her worlds are found objects; sticks brought in by her cat, sand from the Monument Valley, and rocks from the campsites of the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Tiny worlds in glass tubes

Each tiny world takes her less than a day to complete. She hand-makes each tiny “island”, giving them the appearance of floating in the test tube. Some pieces even play with gravity and appear to grow both upward and downward.

Tiny worlds by Rosa de Jong

“Nothing is planned. I just look at it while working on it, put it in a tube, see how it looks, maybe change something.”

Take a look at some of her works below or view more on Rosa’s Instagram.

Micro Matters by Rosa de Jong
Rosa de Jong tiny worlds in glass tubes
Micro Matters: Tiny worlds in glass tubes

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