Get a scream out of the top designer fears

Design careers have their challenges just like any other profession. And while designers experience fear on some level, the difference between success and failure is how they deal with that fear. With Halloween coming up, Creative Market asked designers to rank the worst of their terrors, depending on how scary each of them seemed at the moment.

The results? Forget ghosts, spiders and haunted mansions, designer fears compile creepier monsters like software crashes, coding and client expectations.

After sorting through all of them, Creative Market blogger Laura Busche created a series of illustrations depicting the top 10 things that scare designers the most. Some of the greatest horrors include “falling in love with a $500 font”, “leaving headphones at home”, and “hard drive failure”. Take a look at the rest below:

Top 10 designer fears

What’s your biggest fear or phobia as a designer? Share them in the comments below. And if you’re looking to get scared in other ways, check out the things clients say when wanting cheaper work, or worse, their ridiculous demands.


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