People react to ridiculous client demands

We’ve all had them at one time or another. No, not the clap; I’m talking about the ridiculous client demands. Terrible clients come in all shapes, but in the following video, it comes in the form of a suit-wearing businessman called Matt.

Matt is the type of client who expects a creative agency’s time to be free. He’s the type that would request them to work for exposure. Or use too much of a designer’s time without proper compensation. Anyone who spends a substantial portion of their professional career freelancing, or even in agencies, will run into clients like Matt. The variable is how many, how often, and how far you’re willing to work with their ridiculous client demands.

To highlight how ridiculous the situation is for creatives, Toggl took the streets of London with hidden cameras. They then filmed how businesses and store owners would react to some of the outrageous requests that designers constantly deal with.

From making ridiculous design changes at stores to asking for a free taxi ride, coffee, and lunch, Matt is exactly the type of client that creatives should avoid. If you wish to protect yourself from clients like Matt, you might want to take a look at Toggl. It’s a simple time tracking app that helps creative agencies stay profitable, by letting them keep track of where their hours are going. You can read an independent review of it here.

How to get rid of the client from hell

  1. Be polite but firm. You may have to negotiate in the short-term to finish up their work so you can get rid of them. However, don’t negotiate whether they get to stay or they’ll take advantage of the opportunity.
  2. Some clients don’t know what they want. If you can do this, use that information to explain why you need to let them go from their point of view.
  3. Don’t let them back in once you’ve gotten rid of them!

If you want to have a laugh at more ridiculous client demands, then take a look at these requests.