Brutally honest parody of makeup ads

Selling cosmetics to women involves more than trying to convince them that a product will make her look younger, more attractive or feel better. Trying to sell through makeup ads is difficult because it’s a product that individuals don’t really need. Therefore, to sell cosmetics, you have to persuade the consumer to spend money on unessential items.

Instead, marketers focus on the psychological emotions of the consumer when advertising beauty products. Some of the emotions that these makeup ads focus on are positive feelings of confidence and pleasure, an increase of self-esteem, social acceptance, and joy and happiness. And while the beauty industry has had an influence on how people view attractiveness, some say our perceptions have been clouded by the smoke and mirrors.

If makeup ads were honest

Therefore, in their latest Honest Ads series, YouTube comedy channel Cracked shows us their brutally honest parody of makeup ads. Watch the video above to see the team poke fun at what goes on behind-the-scenes when creating makeup commercials, the authenticity behind these marketing messages — and look at why the makeup showed on the model never looks the same when applied at home.

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