Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera

It was revealed this month that Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for its smart contact lenses. It comprises a contact lens that houses a minute display, built-in camera, antenna and multiple sensors to detect movement via blinking. This sci-fi innovation is unfortunately only believed to be in its conceptual phase at the moment. 

If or when the smart contact lenses ever comes into fruition, users will be able to see images displayed directly on their eye. The data will then be sent to an external device, such as a smartphone, which will be utilized for processing.


With this development, Samsung joins Google in the race to develop the idea, who also owns two patents for smart contact lenses. Even though the Google is currently enhancing the Google Glass, thier contact lenses are mainly intended for medical use. Sensors and flexible electronics are designed to read tear fluid chemicals to determine blood sugar levels.

Seeing as how the patent was filed back in 2014, it seems that Samsung is hard at work on the concept, but it’s not the only one captivated by this idea. It’s important to remember though, tech companies file (and are granted) patents all the time – it doesn’t necessarily indicate that a corresponding commercial release is bound to follow suit. We can hope though.

Source: http://mashable.com/2016/04/05/samsung-smart-contact-lenses-patent/#4Y3MMXu_YPqU

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