Jewellery creates electricity through body movements

Jerusalem-based industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has created a jewellery concept that harnesses the body’s kinetic energy. Her hope is that one day it can be used to create electricity.

Her collection, called Energy Addicts, is a response to the global energy crisis. Naomi’s concept converts kinetic energy from the body’s involuntary movements, such as blinking or blood movement through our veins, into electricity.

Jewellery that creates electricity from body movements

“It interested me to imagine what would the world be like once it has experienced a steep decline in energy resources and how we will feed our energy addiction,” says Naomi. “There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive.”

Though her technology does sound a lot like The Matrix, these pieces are quite stunning. Made of gold and 3D-printed biopolymer, they’re worn by being embedded onto the skin. Each piece is designed to be worn on different parts of the body, harvesting energy from specific physiological functions. Take a look:

Jewellery that creates electricity

Blood Bridge

Blood Bridge: Jewellery that creates electricity from body movements

Spikes at each end of the Blood Bridge would insert into a vein in two places on the lower arm, redirecting the blood past a wheel inside the casing. The blood flow would then turn the wheel to create movement that the device could convert into electricity.

E-pulse Conductor

E-Pulse Conductor: Jewellery that creates electricity from body movements

The E-pulse Conductor would harvest energy directly from the electric pulses sent by the neurological system through the wearer’s spine.


Blinker: Jewellery that creates electricity from body movements

Sat on the bridge of the nose and across the eyelids, the Blinker would transform the energy generated during the opening and closing of the eyes into electricity.

“I hope that the project will make people think about the possibility that this could be their future, and make them think about whether it is the future they want or whether we can do something different today to avoid it.”

Jewellery that creates electricity from body movements

What are your thoughts on this unique fashion statement? Will it be a good source of energy one day?

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