Artist turns old pocket watches into miniature worlds

Inside old pocket watches, tiny figurines are placed among little homes, workplaces, and even forests.

Glass jewellery lets you wear the swirling motion of the ocean

Have you ever felt peace while walking along the ocean, or maybe more energetic and an improved mood? The fact is that most people experience a feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being, when near the swirling motion of water. 

Can you tell jewellery from a sex toy? Take the quiz

As jewellery becomes more elegant and sex toys get more creative, it can be hard to tell them apart. So to test your design knowledge, Cosmopolitan has created a quiz to see how well you know your sex toys and jewellery.

Exclusive $20,000 Cheetos cheetah-inspired jewellery

Trying to figure out that perfect, thoughtful gift for a loved one at Christmas is tough. But don’t worry, because Cheetos has come to the rescue. And I’m not talking about give your partner a big bag of cheesy crisps, but a new cheetah-inspired jewellery set.

Make reading magical with glow-in-the-dark bookmarks

Remember when a bookmark was a paper rectangle covered in unique designs that marked your current page? Hell, remember when all books were on paper? If you’re a fan of reading the textured pages of actual books, you probably still use bookmarks. Picture this; it’s evening and you…

Cheryl Lee’s magical forest inspired jewellery

Allowing our minds to escape into fantasy can be entertaining, distracting, frightening, or even arousing. That escape into our inner world allows us to rehearse the future and imagine new adventures without risk. Thus, it allows the mind to roam freely and aid creativity.

Miniature fantasy worlds within wooden rings

While you might not be able to hold the whole world in your hands, you can at least wear miniature fantasy worlds on your finger. Much like miniature scenes of summer captured in jewellery, these one-of-a-kind rings hold incredibly detailed and beautiful intricate scenes inside them.

Harry Potter themed jewellery

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you’re a Muggle who enjoys Potter themed accessories, then this awesome magical-themed jewelry will make you want to reread the entire wizarding series again.

These rings let you wear landmarks on your fingers

A ring is usually a sign of marriage, but they are also a popular style accessory for your hands. These rings created by Goldsmith Ola Shekhtman are inspired by the iconic skylines of cities around the world.

Beautiful nature-inspired resin jewellery by Lyuda

Lyuda combines beautiful floral elements with shreds of gold leaf, capturing them forever in her crystal-clear resin jewellery.

Miniature scenes of summer captured in jewellery

Labour Day passed, the kids back to school and summer is wrapping up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the memory of season and wear them wherever you go.

Handmade resin bracelets made with real flowers & leaves

Do you give the gift of flowers to your special someone? If you do, instead of giving them a bouquets that will wither away after a few days, gift these beautifully bracelets instead.