Landmark rings let you wear cities on your finger

Rings can be a sign of engagement, marriage, or as they’re more popularly used, a style accessory for your hand. These rings by North Carolina-based goldsmith Ola Shekhtman are inspired by the iconic landmarks and skylines of cities around the world.

Every few years, the Ola moves to a different city and allows the architecture to inspire her creative ideas. She melts, rolls, saws, solders, and polishes metal by hand to form rings that reflect the architectural beauty of the world. Her growing collection of landmark rings feature famous icons from cities including Paris, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and many others.

All these landmark rings are available in various materials from bronze and silver to gold or platinum.

New York City ring
New York City
Washington, DC landmark ring
Washington, DC
San Francisco design by Ola Shekhtman
San Francisco
Hong Kong design by Ola Shekhtman
Hong Kong
Paris landmark ring
London design by Ola Shekhtman

Do you recognize the various landmarks? You can view her growing selection of these landmarks which are currently available to purchase through Ola’s Etsy store.