Gorgeous molecular structure necklaces from common drugs

Most people don’t understand why or how someone could become addicted to drugs. Lets face it, we all have a vice; it might not be an illicit drug, but we’re all addicted to something.

Whether you’re a recovering addict or a recreational user, what if you could show off your vice in style? Design studio Aroha Silhouettes takes the molecular structures of drugs and turns them into gorgeous necklaces. Designed in Adobe Illustrator, they’re produced in stainless steel, then finished with a matte black powder coating. They come with a gun-metal chain or uncoated with a silver-plated chain.

Gorgeous spliff molecular structure necklaces from common drugs


The Designer Drugs collection  includes a range of six narcotics, from stimulants such as dopamine and LSD to everyday fuels like caffeine. Each piece is uniquely represented by simplified representations of their molecular structures. Some pieces, such as the Coffee & Cigarettes necklace, are a combination of two molecular structures.

Gorgeous candy flipping molecular structure necklaces from common drugs

Candy Flipping

“The concept behind Designer Drugs is one of hedonism, indulgence and over-the-top debauchery; where, in a fantasy laboratory, both legal and illicit molecular hybrids are created not to be ingested, but worn,” said Ahora Silhouettes founder Tania Hennessy.

Gorgeous overdose molecular structure necklaces from common drugs


Gorgeous coffee and cigarettes molecular structure necklaces from common drugs

Coffee and Cigarettes

Gorgeous tripping balls molecular structure necklaces from common drugs

Tripping Balls

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Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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