The world’s most expensive hot dog

There’s a lot of expensive food out there like, cupcakes, hamburgers, and even potato chips. But when you think of a hot dog, you probably don’t think of extravagance. 

Well, you can now. A Seattle food truck called The Tokyo Dog has come up with the world’s most expensive hot dog; a title given by the Guinness Book of World Records. Called the Juuni Ban, it costs $169US (roughly $186 CDN).

Juuni Ban: The world’s most expensive hot dog

The Juuni Ban needs to be ordered two weeks in advance and is served in a non-disposable dish. The hot dog contains butter, teriyaki grilled onions, smoked cheese bratwurst, Wagyu beef, foie gras, Maitake mushrooms, shaved black truffles, Japanese mayonnaise, and caviar.

Juuni Ban: The world’s most expensive hot dog

Would you eat one of these hot dogs if you could afford it? If this has made you hungry for more, discover the different hot dogs from around the world.


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