The Champagne popsicle: A fizzy frozen luxury treat

If your standard Mr. Freeze Jumbo Popsicles aren’t doing it for you anymore, enter the world of luxury popsicles. POPS is a champagne popsicle that makes it easy to cool off with a fizzy, indulgent treat.

Their signature pop–CLASSIC–contains 37% champagne in a single pop; which makes it about the equivalent of drinking half a glass of champagne.

“We wanted to create a product that will play on the contrast between a luxury expense, being Champagne and the accessibility of a popsicle,” said James Rae, the founder of POPS.

POPS is favoured by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kate Moss, and Katy Perry. In 2015 POPS will be introducing a range of alcohol free popsicles made using the finest ingredients, real fruit and natural sugars.

The Champagne popsicle: A fizzy frozen luxury treat

POPS Champagne Popsicle Flavours

  • Classic Champagne
  • Apple and Elderflower
  • Strawberry and Mint
  • Prosecco and Peach

The Champagne popsicle: A fizzy frozen luxury treat

Want one? This Champagne popsicle is currently only available overseas. However, you can head on over here to find out how you can get one; they cost £5 (approx. $9CDN) each.

For more fun with Champagne, check out the rich man’s super-soaker, the Champagne gun.


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