Tiffany & Co. releases what’s essentially fancy LEGO for US$1,650

Did you love LEGO as a kid, but feel that it's not luxurious enough now that you're older? Well, Tiffany & Co. has just released a more opulent version that's the perfect gift for your inner child.

Prada retails a single paperclip for $185US

Prada is selling a $185US money clip that looks like a paperclip. Yes, it’s literally just a fancy version of a paperclip that’s probably on your desk. Barney’s New York has just retailed a sterling silver Prada clip, and it’s the latest item to join the list of things…

The Champagne popsicle: A fizzy frozen luxury treat

If your standard Mr. Freeze Jumbo Popsicles aren’t doing it for you anymore, enter the world of luxury popsicles. POPS is a champagne popsicle that makes it easy to cool off with a fizzy, indulgent treat.