Prada retails a single paperclip for $185US

Prada is selling a $185US money clip that looks like a paperclip. Yes, it’s literally just a fancy version of a paperclip that’s probably on your desk. Barney’s New York has just retailed a sterling silver Prada clip, and it’s the latest item to join the list of things you should be able to afford but can’t.

Good design should be invisible. Of course, that’s until you slap a designer logo on it, at which point it becomes the opposite. Prada is a luxury brand, and luxury brands charge lots of money for staple objects. Did Prada really need to do this? No. But who’s the bigger fool: Prada for selling it, or the people who buy it?

The Prada paperclip is not the first of its kind. Fashion has long found beauty, humour and profit in designing familiar objects in an unfamiliar way. For example, recently Balenciaga retailed a bag for $2,145US that looks remarkably like a $0.99 IKEA bag.

However, seeing that the same amount of money could probably afford you a lifetime supply of paperclips, Twitter users are understandably not impressed.