The latest Instagram food trend is avocado burger buns

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Traditionally, hamburgers and other bbq are served on buns that come in all shapes and sizes. But I am reasonably certain there have never been avocado burger buns — that is, until now.

It started with Colette Dike of Fooddeco when she revolutionized the foodie world’s concept of buns with her Instagram feed. The Amsterdam-based food stylist houses burgers, from the traditional to vegan, in entire halved and skinned avocados. If you are a true avocado lover, this is good news for you.

Colette first posted a picture of an avocado halved, sandwiching a chickpea burger and some grilled baby sweetcorn. More recently, she has assembled a classic cheeseburger in an avocado bun. And then one with whipped feta, bacon and a fried egg. You can find the recipe of her fist burger using avocado here. This latest Instagram food trend comes on the heals of others, such as sushi donutsrainbow foods and galaxy donuts.

The only downside to this latest food trend is the fact that it’s much harder to eat than a regular burger. If you are not afraid of getting a little food on your mouth, hands, and body then it shouldn’t bother you. And if you are afraid, a simple knife and fork will qualm your fears. If you need motivation to seek one out yourself, say no more. Just look at this bad boy.

Chances are you’ve been told that the avocado is a superfood and is really good for our bodies. So it makes sense to eat more of them, right? But does it feel right to swap the traditional bun for an avocado? Check out more of her beautiful recipes and food images on her blog and Instagram account.

Would you like to see her coming up with more recipes for lovely avocado burgers?


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