Company lets kids design their own clothes

Many people assume that you are either born creative or not. Not true. Creativity is actually more of skill that you can learn, which makes it a skill parents can help their kids develop. That’s what Jaimee Newberry, mother of two did with her kids.

Jaimee’s children loved to draw, and one day she came up with a brilliant idea. Jaimee decided to sew her daughter a dress that was based on her own drawing. Because creativity is key to success in nearly everything we do, creativity is a key component of health and happiness and a core skill to practice with kids. The dress was such a huge hit with both her daughter’s friends and their parents, that Jaimee decided to make a business out of it.

kids-design-clothes-draw-design-2 kids-design-clothes-draw-design-4

Picture This was born. The company lets children turn their drawings into clothes that they could actually wear. Currently she’s just offering dresses, but I’m sure that will change soon.


“We launched with just the dress for two reasons,” said Jaimee. “First, we wanted to test the market and see if people would actually buy the product! And second, we wanted to make sure the finished piece of clothing that arrives in your mailbox is a great piece of clothing. So our launch was very focused on accomplishing those goals.”


So, how does it work? You go over to the Picture This website, choose a size and print out a colouring sheet. Give it to your child and let them draw to their hearts content. When they’re done, send a picture of a drawing to the website. Two weeks later, the dress arrives in your mail. Yes, it’s as simple as that.