Sushi Donuts are your healthy alternative

Last month I posted about an out-of-this-world food trend on Galaxy Donuts. One of those trend setters, Australian vegan foodie @sobeautifullyraw is back with a different kind of donut. She’s pioneered a healthier, mouthwatering alternative called Sushi Donuts.

There are many different types of sushi out there, from Chirashizushi and Nigirizushi to Oshizushi and Inarizushi. But to make these mouth-watering sushi donuts, she greased a donut mould with coconut oil and adding cooled sushi rice. Then she decorating the donut with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and advocado. You can of course use whatever ingredients you want. The only limit is your imagination.


Look out for these sushi-delicacies to appear at a health store near you, as even Whole Foods has created their own spin on the hybrid treat.


View more of the Sushi Donuts below. Would you fancy trying your hand at making some of these?

sushi-donut-sobeautifullyraw-13 sushi-donut-sobeautifullyraw-14 sushi-donut-sobeautifullyraw-15



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