21 tips for a successful job interview

Whether we’re just starting out or seasoned professionals, we’re all striving to find that dream design job. These days, not every job is advertised in a newspaper or on a website. That’s why it’s important to make as many connections as possible. Online communities such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will help you interact with other designers. 

Posting links to your social network profiles also helps you make connections with people, who until now will have been nameless and unknown. Before we can get the dream design job, we need to get our foot in the door with a successful job interview. The interview process can often seem an intimidating maze of challenges that can put you off applying in the first place. But that should never put you off pursuing your design ambitions.

If you’ve got the skills, and the right attitude, you deserve that job. The job interview should be easy; you are talking about the subject you know the most about: yourself. However, if anxiety, pressure and nerves get in the way, you might end up sending the wrong signals to your potential employer.

While there’s no miracle cure for being nervous, it helps to make sure you’re prepared. Design studios are looking for people who can add something new to their business. Though not at the expense of the job they want you to do. That’s why Company Folders has compiled this helpful infographic with 21 tips for a successful job interview. The infographic gives you pointers on what to do before, during and after an interview. So take a look below and start standing out from the crowd. You might be starting that dream design job in no time with these design interview tips.

Graphic Design Interview Tips

If you’re looking for help with questions during a job interview, you can check out these from Company Folders.

Source: http://www.companyfolders.com/blog/graphic-design-job-interview-tips-questions-answers#graphic

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