Japanese company to 3D-print custom sushi based on diner’s urine

Regardless of whether you’re vegan or gluten-free, most restaurants will happily cater to your dietary needs. However, this innovative Japanese company is fusing science and food to create sushi uniquely designed for each diner.

To eat at Sushi Singularity in Tokyo, diners will need more than just a table reservation — they’ll be asked to prepare biological samples that will be used to 3D-print custom sushi.

Sushi Singularity restaurant

The concept, which was created by Japanese company Open Meals, creates nutrient-rich meals to suit each diner based on their saliva, urine or stool samples. Upon receiving a booking, the restaurant will send each guest a health test kit in the mail so they can provide their biological samples prior to their reservation.

Health ID kit to collect saliva, urine or stool samples

Each kit is then sent back to Sushi Singularity where it will be analyzed and made into a Health ID. The restaurant is then able to use the biodata to craft personalized sushi recipes, filled with ingredients and raw vitamins that will benefit your specific health needs.

How your biodata allows the creation of custom sushi

When entering a sushi restaurant, the diner’s face is mapped by the restaurant’s computer interface, which identifies their levels of nutrients, genetic code and sleep quality. The biodata is then sent to a 3D-printer with large robotic arms, which crafts the sushi with any nutrients that the diner is lacking.

3D-printed custom sushi based on diner's urine, saliva or stool samples
3D-printed custom sushi based on diner's urine, saliva or stool samples

Open Meals debuted their 3D-printed sushi at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin last year, under the title “Sushi Teleportation.” And according to the company, Sushi Singularity is “beyond the future of sushi.”

“Sushi will connect people around the world, and will be produced, edited, and shared online in the form of ‘new sushi.’ Sushi combined with biometrics will enable hyper-personalization based on biometric and genomic data.”

3D-printed custom sushi based on diner's urine, saliva or stool samples

Sushi Singularity is due to open in 2020. In the meantime, check out the Open Meals website for more information.

Source: https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/mbz4x8/this-japanese-company-wants-to-3d-print-custom-sushi-for-each-diner