800 colourful umbrellas float above Paris passageway

If you visit Paris right now and take a walk through Le Village Royal, you’ll be in for a colourful treat.

Le Village Royal, a boutique-lined passageway in Paris, is always popular with window shoppers. Currently, this high-end alleyway is attracting a lot more foot traffic thanks to an awe-inspiring installation by Sextafeira Produções.

Featuring 800 brightly coloured open umbrellas, the Umbrella Sky Project appears to float in the air, allowing the cleverly designed project to deliver a wow factor for visitors. When the sun illuminates the shades, the passageway is transformed into a spectacular slice of paradise.

According to Sextafeira, the idea behind the installation is to add colour to peoples lives. The installation is on in Paris until April 30th, so if you’re there, make sure it’s on your list of places to visit.

From a town in Portugal to Pittsburgh, so far more than 25 locations around the world have had the chance to experience the colourful umbrellas from the Umbrella Sky Project. You can follow the project on Instagram and learn if and when it will arrive in a city near you.


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