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McDonald’s introduces its first vegan-friendly Happy Meal

So far, 2019 is starting off on a green note for multiple fast-food chains. McDonald’s UK has introduced its first ever vegan-friendly Happy Meal, along with a new Spicy Veggie Wrap on their menu. This is thanks to the growing demand from customers for meat-free options.

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Sushi Donuts are your healthy alternative

Last month I posted about an out-of-this-world food trend on Galaxy Donuts. One of those trend setters, Australian vegan foodie @sobeautifullyraw is back with a different kind of donut. She’s pioneered a healthier, mouthwatering alternative called Sushi Donuts.Continue Reading..


Hilariously profane cookbook wants you to eat like you give a fuck

These days it’s hard to eat healthy; especially with food like galaxy donuts and the secret menus at restaurants. But if you’re the type of person who’s looking for inspiration to start eating delicious and healthy food, this cookbook is for you.Continue Reading..