Watch: Every customer service call ever

Anyone who has ever had to make a call to customer service centre can relate to the frustrations of waiting for someone to answer.

When contacting a company about an issue, the phone is still the most popular and preferred method. However, according to the latest data from the American Customer Service Index, people are increasingly dissatisfied with the companies they deal with. And some industries are particularly hated: Internet, cable and subscription TV companies, and airlines rank at the bottom when it comes to customer satisfaction.

If you want to know that you’re not alone when it comes to dealing with the service department, check out this video by Boston comedy duo Fatawesome. They humorously summarizes what every call feels like in this 2-minute video:

Every customer service call ever

Tips for dealing with customer service

Get through to a real person. Most problems aren’t easily solved by a robot with a pretty voice. These automated systems weed out the easy or obvious problems, but you know how to use Google.

Be persistent, but polite. It goes without saying, but we often forget in our moments of rage that the customer service rep isn’t the source of the problem (usually). Don’t be a jerk when talking about what the company did; stay calm and collected at all times. The better a customer you are, the more receptive people will be to your problems. Click here to learn proper phone etiquette.

Take notes. It often pays to have good records of the antics a company is up to. You’ve probably heard a recording when you call for assistance stating: “be advised this call may be recorded for quality assurance”. When talking to the rep, let them know that you’re recording them as well. While few customers actually keep notes or recordings, this ensures they’ll be as helpful as possible.

It’s okay to keep it brief. When it comes to email complaints, longer isn’t always better. Experts often advise consumers to give service reps as many details as possible regarding the issue. However, those who wrote long emails didn’t report getting any better customer service than those who wrote short ones. So keep it short and to the point.


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