Pantone’s new colour finder helps you find the right hues

Pantone has been a colour leader for a while now, but as designers, there are great many advantages of using Pantone as a colour guide. Designers routinely undergo multiple handovers each time they work on a project, and earlier this year, the company promised to simplify work processes for designers.

While you’d expect the process to already be less of a hassle in the digital age, even leading companies like Microsoft admit to using old-fashioned techniques to get their work done.

However, Pantone’s latest asset to assist designers is a revamped version of Colour Finder that makes it easier than ever to find swatches and their equivalent colour values.

“Everybody starts with a PANTONE book,” explained Adrián Fernández, VP and General Manager at Pantone. “But if you print yellow on recycled board, that yellow is not yellow anymore. We need someone to tell people, ‘That’s not what you’re going to get.’”

This free new tool lets you browse Pantone chips right away, rather than having to hover your cursor over a gradient bar and gauge from a range of tints and shades. Selecting a swatch directs you to a page that reveals its exact RGB, HEX, and CMYK values. It also recommends which samples to purchase.

“It’s all about eliminating designer pain or rework.”

Options can be filtered by hues and matching systems like Premium Metallics, Pastels & Neons, and skin tones. You can preview the tool below and give it a try here.

Pantone’s new colour finder helps you find the right hues Pantone’s new colour finder helps you find the right hues


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