Add dimension to your projects with 2600+ free Photoshop textures

You probably have an archive of typefaces, actions and other resources to add a little something-something to your projects. But what about Photoshop textures? They are an awesome resource for designers who want to play around with different looks—especially because you can download thousands of them for free.

One of the most time-consuming exercises when using Photoshop is the endless search for high-quality resources. This demand has led graphic designer Szabolcs to create Texture Palace. Since he started in 2010, his library has expanded to over 2,600 Photoshop textures—all of which you can download for free.

The collection covers just about anything under the sun and ranges from gritty grounds to book paperswalls and clouds. The images are all registered under the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license, which means you can share, reuse, and adapt them for free as long as appropriate credit is given.

Preview some textures below and grab them via the Texture Palace website or Flickr page.

Free Photoshop textures: Cracked wall textureFree Photoshop textures: Cloud textureFree Photoshop textures: Asphalt textureFree Photoshop textures: Wood texture


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