Comics depict the sad, but funny truth about Facebook

On the anniversary of the social media platform’s debut, BuzzFeed writer and illustrator, Nathan W. Pyle has come up with a funny series of comics poking fun at the truth about Facebook.

The series takes jabs at several features of the dominating platform. Take a look at these surprising accurate and funny situations that you should be familiar with.

The truth about Facebook forcing nostalgia upon us

The truth about Facebook: It forces nostalgia on you

Need cheering up? You’ve come to the wrong place

The truth about Facebook: Need cheering up? You're in the wrong place

When friends can read you too well


The truth about Facebook is that it chooses for you

The truth about Facebook: It chooses for you

People love to spoil the surprise

The truth about Facebook: People love to spoil the surprise

Facebook never forgets… anything

The truth about Facebook: It never forgets... anything

When you just can’t help yourself.

The truth about Facebook: You just can't stop

Can you relate to any of these realities of facebook? If you can or have some of your own, share them below.


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