Quick freezing ice tray inspired by snowflakes

With the hot weather finally here, I thought that this would be a neat invention to showcase. The design team at THAT! Inventions have developed a cool invention for your kitchen that lets you make frozen treats in a flash.

The FreezTHAT! ice tray works to freeze small triangles of whatever you want in just 10 minutes. Because of its unique shape — which is based on snowflakes — and the cooling fluid that’s sealed within its flexible, silicone body, you can quickly freeze everything from regular ice to popsicle bites, iced coffee cubes and even fun-shaped cookies.

FreezTHAT! 10 minute ice tray
Snowflake-inspired design quickly makes frozen treats

When trying to create the shape for the FreezTHAT!, the design team didn’t feel satisfied with the freezing speed of standard shapes. After trying different shapes for the ice trays, they began to study the natural beauty of snowflakes and opted for using their hexagonal shape. This helped with the freezing time but wasn’t quite fast enough for them. Therefore, in order to speed up freezing action, they tried adding various freezing materials inside the structure of the trays. And finally, after months of experiments and prototyping, they found the right cooling fluids and materials.

BPA-free silicone is food-grade

The snowflake shape and BPA-free silicone materials chosen make for a quick-freezing ice tray that is also flexible enough that you can bend it to easily remove your treats.

In order to maximize FreezeTHAT!’s effectiveness, put it inside your freezer overnight for the first time. Then, you can use it to make ice cubes or frozen treats 2-3 times in just 10 minutes — even outside of the freezer! After that, simply put it back in the freezer to prepare for next time. Watch the video from their Kickstarter campaign below for more details. And to purchase one for yourself, click here.

Source: http://www.contemporist.com/2016/03/07/ice-cube-tray-freezes-liquids-in-10-minutes/

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