Inventor creates taller glasses to help shorter people see above crowds

For those at music festivals or concerts who often have their line of vision blocked by taller guests, here’s a solution for you. British artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox created a pair of glasses that gives shorter people the ability to enjoy performances. The unique One Foot Taller glasses work like a periscope so that the wearer can see beyond the crowd no matter their height.

As the name implies, the taller glasses add one foot to the wearer’s eye level. And while you will probably look pretty ridiculous wearing them, they at least do their job.

Periscope glasses by Dominic Wilcox

“I was challenged by Microsoft Surface to think up some everyday problems and come up with some interesting or extraordinary solutions,” Dominic explains.

Dominic says the inspiration came from an exhibition he attended in London where he was standing near the back and noticed a small woman dancing behind him who clearly couldn’t see because of all the tall people around.

After about five attempts at designing the taller glasses, he created the finished product. The glasses were made using a sheet of mirrored acrylic angled at 45 degrees, with the tilted mirror reflecting the eyes of the wearer and their aptly named, One Foot Taller, engraved on the side. After putting on the glasses, Dominic said that as a wearer, “you can see a rectangle in the center of your vision of the higher view. It’s a sort of slightly bonkers analog AR device.”

One Foot Taller Glasses

The periscope invention was displayed at the Extraordinary Solutions to Everyday Problems exhibit at the D&AD festival in London from 21st to 23rd May. You can marvel at the unique eyewear below so you can see over my head at 6’2″, and check out Dominic’s other inventive ideas over at his website and Instagram