Get close to wildlife in treehouses at this eco-friendly forest resort

If you’re looking for a lavish eco-friendly vacation, Singapore’s unique sustainable rainforest resort has seed-pod shaped rooms that will bring you an experience of a lifetime. Coming in 2023, Mandai Press Holdings unveiled a sneak preview of the upcoming eco-friendly resort, touted as having a biophilic design that integrates the resort’s infrastructure with the natural surroundings.

Designed by architecture firm WOW Architects, the eco-friendly resort will feature 24 elevated treehouses in the shape of seed-pods constructed among trees and greenery. The accommodation boasts 338 rooms including treehouses, hotel rooms and even elevated cabins, and is located in the 4.6-hectare site keeping Singapore Zoo’s back-of-house facilities.

Mandai eco-friendly resort in Singapore

Wong Chiu Man, managing director of WOW Architects, said: “The resort was designed with the native flora and fauna as inspiration, and the architecture and interior design will showcase the biodiversity of Mandai for guests to appreciate and learn from.”

The design of the eco-friendly resort will employ multiple energy saving measures such as natural ventilation, mixed mode air-conditioning, solar panels and passive displacement ventilation — a method that cools the air using chilled water rather than through traditional air conditioners. And guests will have a part to play in the conservation efforts; they’ll be encouraged to cut down on energy and water consumption in their rooms, recycle, dispose food waste responsibly and be respectful of the flora and fauna.

WOW Architect's play for sustainable resort

The eco-friendly resort will also be considerate to the natural topography. Sections of the resort will be held several feet off the ground in order to give room to wildlife, and will also be constructed below the upper canopy of trees so they’re not damaged. And as part of the package, guests will also get guided nature walks at Mandai’s wildlife parks and hands-on experiences. For instance, guests could be taken to the zoo’s elephant enclosure to help keepers put together “food puzzles” to be placed in the exhibit, returning the next day to watch the elephants unwrap the treats.

Mandai eco-friendly resort in Singapore

“The future Mandai Wildlife District is designed to provide unprecedented yet sensitive access to nature for people from all walks of life,” said the executive chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, Ho Kwon Ping.

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