FormBox turns your designs into real products at home

Thinking about starting your own business and turning your designs into real products at home? This prototyping device from Mayku allows you to create a personal tabletop factory. Quicker than a 3D printer and as easy as baking a cake, the FormBox is powered by a regular vacuum cleaner.

Prototype your designs at home
FormBox uses a regular vacuum for suction

This vacuum powered FormBox allows you to create 3D shapes in a matter of seconds. The 3D template that you create can then be subsequently used as a mould to produce multiple versions of your design. The clever innovation not only allows creatives to quickly and conveniently bring their ideas to life but also enables designers to form prototypes. The FormBox can even help you to start your own business line by producing these goods in small quantities for sale.

How it works is you select the type of material that you want to use and an object or design that you want to mould. Place it in the FormBox and turn on the heater to warm up the material you’re using, then slide it over your design and the vacuum former will make your mould. That simple.

Moulding with the FormBox

Mayku FormBox

When it started on Kickstarter, the device quickly reached US$280,790; quickly surpassing it’s US$50,000 goal. You can watch the video below to learn more about how to turn your designs into real products.


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