KFC Thailand’s new speedy packaging design

Did you know that KFC is one of the “leading delivery experts of the food category” in Thailand? Probably not. While KFC does not offer delivery services in North America, it does in Thailand. To celebrate being number one in delivery, the fast-food chain worked with Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok to create a series of limited edition speedy packaging for its customers.

KFC Thailand recently expanded its quick delivery service to all the provinces in that country. And as a result, they took all of their existing takeaway packages and added a unique exterior design. The speedy packaging now has an almost liquid feeling to it. The colours and labels still remain looking like the standard KFC packaging, but the items are warped in a way that makes them appear as though they have moved at hi-speed.

KFC Thailand’s unusual new speedy packaging is a way to encourage people who appreciate the service to order even more. These unique packages were only given out to the company’s top customers and spenders, which they could keep at home as “trophies” according to the brand.

KFC Speedy Packaging

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