KFC Russia introduces a fried chicken bucket hat

When you think fried chicken, do you think fashion? While they’ve delved into the world of sunscreen and bath salts, KFC Russia is designing a fried chicken bucket hat for streetwear-loving fast food fans. So, if you ever looked at a grease-saturated bucket of KFC fried chicken and thought, “Damn I wish I could wear that”, now you have the chance. 

Much like the original KFC chicken bucket, the fried chicken bucket hat is emblazoned with the chain’s logo and classic red and white stripes. Created by agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, the bucket hat was designed in partnership with St. Petersburg-based streetwear brand Mam Cupy

Hat doubles as chicken bucket

In a statement, KFC said: “Originally an 80s trend piece, the bucket hat made a comeback in the 90s and having made the product life cycle once more, it has revived as this year’s essential street-wear summer accessory. The design repeats the look of the KFC iconic bucket, with its red and white stripes, complemented with KFC and Mam Cupy logos.”

The product launch, however, comes as KFC Russia has been rebranding to look and feel more in line with how it’s marketed in other major markets. Promotional photos of the fried chicken bucket hat include models stylishly pairing the hat with plain black t-shirts or a jean jacket. One image shows the piece doubling as a fried chicken bucket.

KFC's fried chicken bucket hat
KFC's fried chicken bucket hat

KFC Russia & Mam Cupy Bucket Hat

Retro fashion lovers and fried chicken enthusiasts can now get a two-in-one, only in Russia. The fried chicken bucket hat is currently selling for 1,800 rubles — roughly CDN$37.

Source: https://www.adweek.com/creativity/kfc-just-launched-a-bucket-hat-that-if-you-want-still-doubles-as-a-chicken-bucket/