KFC scented sunscreen has just launched and sold out

There’s certainly no shortage of strange beauty products on the market. Products like Burger King’s Whopper cologne or KFC’s finger lickin’ good nail polish are available for purchase. Apparently consumers can’t get enough of that finger lickin’ good fried chicken. KFC has released an Extra Crispy Sunscreen that comes with SPF protection and a fried chicken scent.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “It’s great that this sunblock is keeping me from getting a sunburn, but I wish it would make me smell like a 12-piece bucket,” you’re now in luck.


According to KFC, the innovative sunscreen works in a simple manner. Harmful ultraviolet rays bounce off your skin, while the lovely fragrance rays penetrate it to give you a healthy chicken aroma. Although this KFC scented sunscreen may smell good, you should probably refrain from eating it.

We’ve had a lot of fun with our Extra Crispy Colonel campaign this summer. And the sunscreen idea seemed like a natural fit,” according to a KFC spokesperson. Our chicken is hand breaded and freshly prepared in our kitchens all day every day, which makes the smell in our restaurants unparalleled. The Extra Crispy Sunscreen is a fun way to leverage that with our fans.”


KFC was offering 3,000 bottles of scented suncreen for free on its website. A lot of people who really want to smell like fried chicken have already depleted that supply. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the company has no plans to make the product available for purchase at this time.

Watch the video before to find out exactly how the chicken scented sunscreen works. Visit their website to learn more.

How KFC scented sunscreen works


Source: http://designtaxi.com/news/387977/The-Fried-Chicken-Scented-Sunscreen-KFC-Has-Just-Launched-Is-Already-Sold-Out/


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