Burger King cologne wants you to smell like a Whopper

Do you really enjoy the smell of Burger King’s Whopper? I mean really enjoy it? Well, now you can walk around smelling like a Whopper all day with a cologne called Flame-Grilled. The fragrance, released by Burger King Japan, will be on sale starting April 1st, 2015, in celebration of Whopper Day. And no, it’s not an April Fools joke like you might think.

Now the question is why would you want to smell like a Whopper? Well, in recent years Japan has seen a major social shift that’s seemingly dividing men and women into two types: herbivore men and carnivore womenThe term, herbivore men—or grass eaters—was popularized for roughly 1/3 of the Japanese men who shun relationships. Naturally came the term carnivore women, or meat-eaters; ambitious women who take charge in their personal and professional lives. They’re not afraid to make the first move or go after the herbivore man. So naturally, if you are a guy wanting to attract a carnivore women, what better way than smelling like a flame-grilled hamburger?

BK Flame-Grilled cologne releases April 1st

Flame-Grilled: Burger King cologne smells like a Whopper

BK claims that their limited edition Flame-Grilled cologne smells just like their famous Whopper. It might not be as powerful as Axe Body Spray, but Burger King’s new cologne has a wonderfully unique stink of its own. A one-day promotion for the fragrance’s release includes a free Whopper with every bottle of cologne.

Regardless of whether Burger King’s new cologne smells like a juicy flame-grilled burger or greasy meat, you won’t know unless you’re one of the lucky ones who manages to get your hands on a bottle. The bottles are expected to retail for 5000 yen (roughly CDN$62). Burger King will reportedly only have 1, 000 available on a first-come, first serve basis. And just in case, you were wondering, the cologne is not edible.

Flame-Grilled: Burger King cologne smells like a Whopper

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