Carlsberg’s limited edition, beer-infused grooming products

Do you like your beer? I find it especially good on a warm summer’s day. But would you swap your favourite shampoo for beer? That’s what Carlsberg is hoping with their new line of beer-infused male grooming products created at their Copenhagen-based Carlsberg Laboratory.

A survey conducted by Epinion about men’s grooming habits in the UK showed that 65% of men are daily groomers. While more than half the surveyed men spend over £15 a month (roughly CDN$25) on grooming products, some men still use their girlfriends’ or wives’ grooming products on a weekly basis.

“People sometimes say that men don’t care about grooming, but the survey tells a different story. Men do care about looking good. But they often seem to lack alternatives to the more female-friendly beauty options available. And what better way to give them just that, than to introduce a [beer-infused] grooming series?” says Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Research, Carlsberg Laboratories.

Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series for Men

Developed in collaboration with Danish cosmetics company Urtegaarden, the grooming products natural ingredients (barley, hops & yeast) are rich in vitamin B and silicium; both of which are said to have beautifying properties for hair and skin.

Carlsberg’s limited Beer Beauty Series, which consists of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, contains 0.5 litres of Carlsberg beer. The beer is freeze-dried and then blended with organic ingredients in each 250ml bottle. Of course Carlsberg isn’t the first company to experiment with mixing their product with grooming products. Earlier this year Burger King released a Whopper-scented cologne.

Carlsberg beer-infused shampoo

Carlsberg Limited Edition beer-infused shampoo

Carlsberg beer-infused conditioner

Carlsberg Limited Edition beer-infused conditioner

Carlsberg beer-infused body lotion

Carlsberg Limited Edition beer-infused body lotion

I don’t know if this would be good for going to work on a Monday morning. Maybe it’d be more of a weekend thing. However, you can purchase the products here, but remember to shower responsibly!



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