Burger King unveils Whopper Wine

How would you like to pair you next flame grilled burger with a rustic red wine? If so, then head over to Burger King in Spain to try their specially brewed Whopper Wine

To celebrate 40 years of burger-slinging in Spain, winners of an anniversary-based contest to share their best stories and photos of dining at Burger King will receive one of 40 bottles of the Whopper Wine.

Locally produced in Spain and aged in “flame-grilled” barrels, Spanish agency La Despensa created the unique wine that’s said to complement BK’s iconic Whopper burger. Produced to reflect the character of Spanish wine, this marks Burger King’s first foray into a branded adult beverage.

Burger King unveils Whopper Wine

The minimalistic packaging is based on the colours of the ingredients of the iconic Whopper. It also maintains the tradition of wine in Spain, as well as the innovative character of Burger King. A unique product, both in its design and its flavour, Whopper Wine respects all the traditional process of elaboration, bottling and labelling of a premium wine.

Burger King unveils Whopper Wine Burger King unveils Whopper Wine

When the chain opened their first locations in Spain back in 1975, they immediately offered wine to appeal to local tastes. And have been doing so ever since.

Back in the US, however, BK has announced plans to open Whopper Bars to serve beer alongside their burgers. All of this is becoming part of a larger trend in the fast food industry to attract an adult clientele with alcohol.

Whopper Wine

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