Keep your mouth ‘Whopper Fresh’ with Burger King toothpaste

Do you enjoy the taste of a flame broiled Whopper? What if you could keep that taste in your mouth when you brush your teeth? Burger King France has cooked up a new Whopper Toothpaste with its agency Buzzman. Or at least, that’s what they’d like you to believe.

The agency has unveiled a goofy new 60-second spot for the BK’s alleged toothpaste product. Claiming that it will soon be available in your restaurants and drugstores, a toothpaste that tastes just like a Whopper burger is likely an April Fools’ joke. 

The commercial for the Whopper Toothpaste starts with a Ken-doll-esque guy explaining his dilemma: “To keep the Whopper’s taste in my mouth, I haven’t brushed my teeth in two weeks. It really works, but my wife dumped me.” That’s where Whopper toothpaste comes into play.

A spokesperson in a white doctor’s coat explains: “From day one, the ultra-fresh advanced Whopper technology will help keep your breath Whopper fresh longer than ever, and you’ll notice the results immediately.” After the dude uses this product, his wife walks into their apartment and remarks: “It smells of Whopper in here — did you brush your teeth?”

Watch the comical ad below and keep an eye out for the Whopper Toothpaste.


April Fool’s Day is tomorrow, which isn’t optimal timing for major food brands wanting to post their latest viral stunts. That’s probably why Burger King released what’s believed to be an early April Fool’s Day offering. Some previous offerings from the brand include Whopper Wine and Whopper Cologne.