Low polygon animal head trophies made of colored paper

Trophy hunting animals is all about the thrill of the kill. Without trying to defend or shame trophy hunters, hanging the head of an animal in your home seems a bit tacky. Especially from a design perspective. But if you want to give your home a distinguished hunter’s lodge feel without having to shed any blood, these low polygon designs may be for you.

German artist Holger Hoffman creates geometric sculptures of animal heads. His low polygon designs are shaped after animals like elephants, reindeers, and wolves.

low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-wolf low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-elephant

The wide-ranging concern and condemnation of trophy hunting is not merely an animal rights perspective. In fact, many people who eat and wear animals are outraged by Cecil the lion’s demise. These colourful low polygon pieces certainly won’t cause any controversy with guests. They’re beautifully designed, animal-friendly alternatives to the classic mantelpieces.


Hoffman also makes full body animal sculptures. Each animal head trophy sells for $66.80US.

low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-deer low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-bull low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-t-rex low-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-mooselow-polygon-geometric-animal-head-trophies-hippo

You can view more of his works on his website. And to see other polygon animal designs, check out paper geometric animals by artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer.

Source: http://www.fubiz.net/en/2016/08/30/new-paper-animal-trophies/

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