KFC unveils edible coffee cups

Instead of throwing paper cups in the trash, coffee drinkers can now help the environment by eating branded cookie cups. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC is planning to serve up Seattle’s Best Coffee in edible coffee cups that let customers enjoy the warm beverage and eat it too.

Called Scoff-ee Cup, the edible coffee cups are made from biscuits wrapped in sugar paper. They’re then lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate. The concept of edible coffee cups isn’t new; in fact, Ansel Bakery in New York City and Alfred Coffee and Kitchen in Los Angeles have been serving up tasty cups for a while now. But with the coloured sugar paper, KFC’s Scoff-ee cups can show off the company’s logo with the aesthetics of an actual coffee cup.

KFC unveils edible coffee cups

The product isn’t only a marketing tool, it’s also a way to tell consumers that KFC is invested in creating quality products.

One of the founders of The Robin Collective, Brandy Wright, said: “not only do the edible cups taste amazing, but they smell delicious too. We’ve infused different cups with a variety of ambient aromas including ‘coconut sun cream’, ‘freshly cut grass’ and ‘wild flowers’.”

Created by UK-based The Robin Collective, ambient scents were infused into the edible coffee cups to evoke the positive memories associated with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays. Brands across industries have been using scents to create unique experiences and associations for their products, and KFC is tapping into this trend.

KFC unveils edible coffee cups

Both the biscuit and chocolate will melt slowly in your mouth as you drink the coffee.

Would you drink your coffee out of a scented and edible cup? How about an edible spoon maker for your food?

Source: http://www.eater.com/2015/2/25/8106849/kfc-edible-coffee-cups-cookie-cups-buckets-fried-chicken