Coca-Cola packaging transforms into VR viewer

What if we could all have a free Google Cardboard-style virtual reality viewer? If this experiment by Coca-Cola becomes a reality, we just might.

This project envisions the packaging of a 12-pack of Cokes and other products that is easily converted into a virtual reality viewer for your smartphone. The design itself appears to be based on Google Cardboard specs, and in the video below we get to see Coke’s prototype for the idea.


Using only recycle cardboard from its 12-pack box, they’ve create a VR viewer that works with a smartphone. It’s not hard to imagine Coca-Cola actually making this packaging idea a reality, since Google and other third-parties are already selling kits of pre-cut cardboard for customers to assemble. Users might have to cut out the pieces and Coca-Cola could easily provide the plastic lens in the box as it does for other product giveaways. 


Google’s Cardboard platform, which is an open spec for virtual reality viewers powered by a smartphone, already has over 10 products from various companies ranging from low-cost all cardboard versions to products that more resemble a finished consumer product.


Check out the video below to find out how to build the VR viewer.

Back in January, Google announced that over 5 million units of Cardboard viewers had been shipped, as apps for the platform passed the 1000 mark on the Google Play store.


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