Coca-Cola 12-pack packaging transforms into VR viewer

There is no doubt that the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of Google Cardboard VR viewers have helped millions of users around the world get a taste of virtual reality with just their smartphone. So how would you like a free VR viewer with the purchase a 12-pack of Coke? These new designs by Coca-Cola turn some of the company’s cardboard packaging into a foldable, origami-style VR viewer for smartphones.

The designs appears to be based on Google Cardboard specs, and using only recycle cardboard, three 12-pack boxes are can be folded and assembled into three different versions of a viewer: Origami, Custom and Insert. All you really need is your phone, a few lens parts and some patience to create your own.

VR viewer made from Coca-Cola packaging

“Cardboard headsets are democratizing VR for the masses,” says Nick Felder, global group director of Film and Music Production for Coca-Cola. “They’re affordable, viable and a damn good experience.”

It’s not hard to imagine this packaging idea becoming a reality, since Google and other third-parties are already selling kits of pre-cut cardboard for customers to assemble. Users might have to cut out the pieces, but Coca-Cola could easily provide the plastic lens in the box as it does for other product giveaways. Between Coca-Cola and the new McDonald’s VR goggles, large non-media companies are starting to notice the popularity of VR and appear to be all for it.

Cardboard virtual reality viewer

Google’s Cardboard platform, which is an open spec for VR viewers powered by a smartphone, already has over 10 products from various companies ranging from low-cost all cardboard versions to ones that better resemble a finished consumer product. Back in January, Google announced that over 5 million units of Cardboard viewers had been shipped, as apps for the platform passed the 1000 mark on the Google Play store.

Virtual reality viewer made from recycled cardboard

While you can’t buy the world a Coke, maybe you could see the world in virtual reality while you sip one. Watch the video below to learn how to build the Coca-Cola VR viewer.



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