Pizza Hut box transforms into a movie projector

Movie nights and pizza are a natural fit. That’s why Pizza Hut created a new cardboard pizza box that turns into a working movie projector powered by your smartphone.

This novel idea, created by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, transforms an ordinary Pizza Hut box into the Blockbuster Box. The secret to turning the box into a movie projector is the special pizza table that comes inside; it helps keep the centre of the box from touching your pizza and is traditionally made of plastic. However, the pizza table inside the special Blockbuster Boxes feature a lens. Simply insert it into the side of the box after you punch out the perforated hole.

Once the lens is inserted into the side of the pizza box, all you need is a smartphone to power the experience. The lens will magnify your smartphone’s display and project it onto the wall. The packaging concept is available in four designs that were created to target the younger generation in Hong Kong. If you don’t have Netflix, Pizza Hut has cleverly printed a QR code on each box that you can scan to download a free movie. Each QR code corresponds to the genre of the free movie that comes with it: There’s the Fully Loaded box for action movies, Slice Night for scary movies, Hot & Ready for your romance, and Anchovy Armageddon for the sci-fi fans.

View the video below to find out how this Blockbuster Box works. Or take a look at this pizza box that transforms into a weed pipe.

Blockbuster Pizza Box

You’ll also probably want to have some Bluetooth speakers or a spare audio cable handy if you want to actually hear the movie. Because your smartphone will be inside the box when the projector is in use.


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