Scientifically proven ways to flirt better

Are you looking to flirt someone special? Exactly how do we signal our sexual interest and intent in each other? It may seem trivialized, but the coquettish behaviour indulged in by men and women alike is actually vital for our general health and reproductive fitness.

This video, produced by Graham Flanagan, is based on a study done by a doctor from the Webster University. In it, the video describes some scientifically proven ways to flirt better and attract the person you desire more effectively. Watch the video below to get some tips on your flirting style.

The science of flirting

Copulatory Gaze

Also known as eye contact, this is the most important part of flirting.

Body Language

It’s more about your actions than what you say when you flirt. Only 7 percent of what we say is attributed to how well we flirt; while 38 percent of the effectiveness is how we say it. 55 percent is attributed to the flirter’s body language.


There are three types of appropriate touching when you flirt: Friendly is the gentle nudge of a shoulder or handshake; Plausible Deniability is when you touch on the forearm or waist; and finally, Nuclear, occurs when a touch of the face happens. A quick note: just make sure the other person is comfortable with you before you touch them.

Postural Congruence

This occurs when the two people engaged in flirting unconsciously adopt each other’s postures and body language. This indicates a harmony and builds trust.


One of the best flirting techniques is to actually stop flirting. By abruptly, but politely changing the direction of the conversation, this will leave the other person wanting more.

Once you take your relationship to the next level, learn how to impress your partner in the bedroom.


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