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Besides a warm winter coat — and polar bear repellent — a scarf is a gentleman’s best defence against the Canadian elements. But a scarf is much more than just frostbite protection. Tying it the right way can add boatloads of charm and personality to…

Infographic: 16 signs your co-workers secretly hate you

Did Susan from marketing just roll her eyes at you? Maybe you’re constantly forgotten about when it comes to after-hours social events? Or are there post-it notes detailing your gruesome death on your computer each morning? All of these are signs that your co-workers might secretly hate you.

How career choices and your personality type relate

Have you ever wondered if your personality type affects where you land a job or end up in a certain field? Did you know that your personality type can predict how much money you’ll make, how many people you’ll supervise, even if you’ll like your…

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Believe it or not, dressing for work is a tricky business and many people actually do it wrong. In fact, picking the proper business attire doesn’t depend solely on your rank in the company, but your age and the type or work you do as…

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Are you looking to flirt someone special? Exactly how do we signal our sexual interest and intent in each other? It may seem trivialized, but the coquettish behaviour indulged in by men and women alike is actually vital for our general health and reproductive fitness.

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Presenting a professional image, both on the phone and in person, is very important.

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One of life’s more difficult emotional situations is an argument. Whether it’s with someone you love, despise, or don’t even know, conflict can get your blood boiling. Some people go to great lengths to avoid conflict of any kind, while others are just itching to give…

Infographic: Handshakes around the world

Most people understand that you have one chance to make a first impression. How you give your handshakes and/or greetings are part of that impression. Giving handshakes, however simple it sounds, can mean serious business, especially when different cultures have their own rules about how…