Psychological tricks to help get what you want

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem out of control and we just want people to do what you want. You don’t need to be the boss to get people to listen to you, though.

The art of persuasion is a subtle, complex discipline which requires skill. However, there are a few psychological tricks you can employ to help. And thanks to Business Insider, you can get your way more often. The following list of 11 psychological tricks describes how to subtly manipulate people to do what you want.

Done correctly, these tricks will help get people on your side, without them realizing that it was you who have influenced their decision. They include tweaking the environment, speaking quickly in a heated conversation to get your opponent to agree with you and more. While some might seem like dirty tricks, if you really want to get your way, they’re the best methods of persuasion.

Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Infographic: 11 Psychological tricks to get people to do what you want

11 psychological tricks to get people to do what you want

  1. Use a ‘decoy’ option to get people to buy your product.
  2. Tweak the environment to get people to act less selfish.
  3. Help advance someone’s goals to get them to do you a favour.
  4. Mimic people’s body language to get them to like you.
  5. Speak quickly to get an arguing opponent to agree with you.
  6. Confuse people to get them to comply with your request.
  7. Ask for favours from people when they’re tired to get them to cooperate.
  8. Display an image of eyes to get people to behave ethically.
  9. Use nouns instead of verbs to get people to change their behaviour.
  10. Scare people to get them to give you what you need.
  11. Focus on what your bargaining partner is gaining, not losing.

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