PANTONE’s 2020 colour forecast includes natural blues & greens

PANTONE has announced that interior design colours set to gain traction in 2020 will be focused on “nature, serenity and comfort.” According to the company’s vice president Laurie Pressman, the increasingly fast pace of life has people longing to experience the tranquillity of nature in the comfort of their own homes. Therefore, we can expect various shades of greens — including teal and olive green — to dominate the 2020 colour forecast, as well as oceanic and mineral blues.

Interior design greens

Laurie states that pastels are “easy to live with” while embodying a sense of serenity. That’s why pastels are also anticipated to take over the interior design scene — but in ways that you wouldn’t expect. Designers are also foreseen to want to experiment with pink in “masculine environments.” In addition, the 2020 colour forecast foresees floral patterns going big in the design realm in the form of plant motifs and fronds. And with the rise of digital media and environments, the 2020 colour forecast will also focus on metallics, according to Laurie. They will include satiny colours, patinas, foil-like treatments and sparkles.

Satiny and metallic blues

For home décor, look out for wood and other organic products, which can be combined with soft upholstery for a homelier look. Coloured glassware and marbles are here to stay as well.