Have an idea for an unconventional living space? Airbnb could give you US$100K to build it

From a windmill to a UFO-styled house to a giant potato, Airbnb hosts have created some of the most unique living spaces for people to stay. Now, Airbnb is now giving you the freedom to create the wackiest, bizarre and atypical living space you can think of to rent to others. So, if you’ve ever dreamed up an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind home, now’s your chance to bring it to life.

The home-sharing company has launched a US$1 million fund to support people who come up with “unconventional and unusual liveable spaces” for rent on their platform. Airbnb is encouraging members to get creative and will give away US$100,000 each to 10 participants with the best ideas to help them bring their unique concepts to life.

Giant shoe house

“The only thing better than pushing the boundaries of style is empowering others to do the same,” Billy Porter said in a statement.

The judges, which include Billy Porter, Kristie Wolfe, and architectural design firm MVRD, will choose the winning designs based on their creativity. So, if you’re looking to participate, think unusual shapes and lots of surprises. However, while the homes should be inventive, the designs also have to be feasible. So make sure you show the judges how you’d make your wildest ideas possible. Criteria to qualify for the funding also include sustainability and social good — so keep in mind how your living space can benefit your guests, neighbours, and community.

Giant potato in Idaho is an unconventional living space

Based on internal Airbnb data measuring year-over-year growth, searches for unexpected and unique living spaces to spend the night have increased by nearly 70 percent over last year. Some of the most booked listings of all time include domes, RVs, treehouses, and yurts.

Airbnb unique living spaces

If you have an amazing idea but need some advice, Porter encourages applicants to start with a statement piece.

“Identify the focal point of your design or concept and build everything from there!”

He also suggests exploring various patterns and colours. Keep your space clutter-free, and making sure your furniture is the right size for your space. Submissions are now open until April 15, 2020. For more information or to see the official rules, click here.