Ecocapsule: The futuristic self-sustainable micro-home

With energy rates going nowhere but up, maybe you’re looking to live off-the-grid; or you’re someone who dreams of traveling with a self-sustaining mobile home. If size doesn’t matter, then the Ecocapsule might be your perfect earth-friendly dwelling.

Ecocapsule: The futuristic self-sustainable micro-home

Originally conceived by Slovakian architectural studio Nice & Wise in 2015, the fibreglass and aluminum pod provides 88 square-feet of complete off-grid living; which by comparison 10 square-feet larger than a typical prison cell. The Ecocapsule is a low-energy, mobile dwelling packed into a compact egg-shaped form. Despite its relatively small size, the energy-efficient pod is capable of comfortably accommodating two adults. A built-in kitchenette offers running water, while the structure also contains a flushing toilet and hot shower.

Ecocapsule: The futuristic self-sustainable micro-home

Sustainable design

Power is provided by integrated solar panels and an extendable wind turbine, with a battery capacity of 9kWh. Even with no sun, the brand claims the Ecocapsule will run for at least four days. But, with the wind turbine there’s a low chance of ever draining the battery. Plus, it’s compatible with standard power hookups. Water is supplied by external sources (like a lake or collected rainwater), all of which is then cleaned with built-in filters. And, if you are worried about being too hot or cold, an HVAC is installed to ensure the temperature always stays perfect inside.

Ecocapsule: The futuristic self-sustainable micro-homeEcocapsule: The futuristic self-sustainable micro-home

The Ecocapsule was a shortlisted entry of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD: a prestigious international competition that targets up-and-coming creators from around the world. And with the money raised from its 50 initial first-generation builds, the company has begun mass-producing the mobile pods worldwide this year. You can pick up your own for around US$98,000, or visit their website to learn more.

As an incredible example of how a conceptual product can become reality, Ecocapsule is an interesting look at how innovators need to take their time and adapt to the market in order to succeed. What are your thoughts on these eco-friendly pods? And while we’re on architecture, check out this triangular mountain cabin that sits on the edge of a cliff.