Artist uses water drops to create dress designs

Plenty of fashion designers have a muse, so it’s no surprise that illustrator JaeSuk Kim employs the same idea in his stylish paintings. JaeSuk enjoys experimenting with watercolour and water drops. He uses his talent to create unconventional, swirling gowns for his imaginary muses, which he calls his SusuGirls.

JaeSuk originally started as an interior designer, but is now more know for his SusuGirls. The ethereal garments he creates primarily use water, and they’re vibrant explosions of colour. JaeSuk often lets his pigment flow freely over the page. From there he embraces the diffused edges as if they’re bunches of lightweight fabric or feathers.

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He also doesn’t worry too much about the slip ups either. “I think the beauty of watercolour is that even if you make a mistake, it somehow adds a special touch to it,” he said in an interview.

In fact, painting these dress designs with water drops is all about taking chances for him. He adds shapes, lines and textures spontaneously to create an abstract and fluid form to represent couture-like dresses. JaeSuk’s technique involves squeezing water droplets from a brush, then adding watercolours onto these droplets. While unpredictable, he knows that even blunders can yield something unexpectedly delightful.

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“I think the beauty of watercolour is that even if you make a mistake, it somehow adds a special touch to it.”

JaeSuk’s work has caught the attention of big brands like Bulgari, Cartier, and Dolce & Gabbana. You can follow his fashion adventures through his popular Instagram page.

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Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/colorful-water-drop-fashion-illustrations-jaesuk-kim/

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