Unleash your inner Cookie Monster at cookie dough café

Although many experts now say that eating raw cookie dough is bad for you, most of us still do. And who can blame us, it tastes so damn good – before and after you bake it. And so we rejoice at news that finally, someone is giving the world what it so desperately wants: a café serving up all kinds of treats made with safe-to-eat cookie dough.

Emerging from New York, you can now eat flavours such as chocolate chip, cake batter, confetti and brownie batter by the spoonful.  is the creation of Kristen Tolman, who first sold it online. Her dough is served slightly chilled and made with pasteurized eggs; making it completely safe to eat.

“Cupcakes, move over. Macaroons? Pssh. Your new dessert obsession: safe-to-eat cookie dough from Dō NYC.” – Glamour Magazine

She’s now turned her creations into a proper café where you can pick up scoops of pure, unembellished cookie dough to dig into with a spoon. Scroll down to be spoon-fed with more delicious photos, and click here for more information.

Would you fork out the dough for these scoops of dough?


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