Pantone Café serves food inspired by colour

The impressive range of Pantone colours lends themselves to all sorts of applications that go beyond simple graphic design. They’re found in hairstyles, fashion, and are especially engaging when it comes to food. And if perfectly colour coordinated, tasty food is what brings you joy, it may be time for a trip to the pop-up Pantone Café in Monaco.

Pantone colour coordinated food and design

At this pop-up café, you can match your morning espresso to your outfit and even get some redecorating ideas; hungry visitors can nosh on a Pantone 16-0924 croissant and sip a Pantone 17-1227 latte, amongst a host of colour-coded sandwiches, salads and snacks. Each edible responds to a matching hue — an eclair is paired with a rich, chocolate brown packaging; water bottles bear a soft blue label; an Aperol spritz is served in a vibrant orange vessel. 

Similar to previous years, the Pantone Café sits on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, overlooking the serene shores of the french riviera. In addition to the menu items at the pop-up café, saturated tones are applied to folding chairs, food trays, napkins, and the façade, forming a visual and vibrant experience for visitors.

Pantone Café
A visual and vibrant experience for visitors

The Pantone café partnered with French juicer Yumi to come up with several items on its menu. And all of the delectable items are named after, and inspired by, a Pantone colour. As a matter of fact, the Monaco Restaurant Group, which runs the pop-up café, even has its own colour: Monte Carlo Red 17-1763.

Yumi Juice
Pop-up Pantone Café serves food inspired by colour

While the restaurant group is looking to launch a permanent location, for now, the pop-up Pantone Café will be open from July 14th to September 9th. So, if you want to experience the colour of food, best book a trip to Monaco.



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